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Revision 3817 - netlist read and setvbuf


I wish to discuss about my patch #3817, that comes to me from some
signalations of problems in cvpcb and i've applied that is a probably a
dirt workaround for a more deep problem that i wish to describe.

The code parsing the netlist does more or less this:

[Reads the header to identify the netlist type]
[Rewind the stream]
----> calls setvbuf
[Proceed to parse the file]

Brian Woodcox, the person that has signalated to me the problem in cvpcb,
has also hinted to me that reading the documentation, the setvbuf call
should be not used after calls:
That seems that doesn't create problems in Linux/Windows with their current
implementation but being formal this could be spot as an error.

So I personally think that my "dirty hack" could be collapsed for all
platforms, do you agree ?

Waiting for your feedbacks,


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