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Re: KiCad Developers


On 12/10/2012 07:04 AM, Marcelo Conceição Santos wrote:
> Hello, KiCad developers, congratulations to all, this program is fabulous with regard to
> paid software!
> My name is Marcelo, I live in Brazil, working in the manufacture of printed circuit
> boards (PCBs), and do some electronics projects. I am currently studying the KiCad to be
> my tool of personal projects.
> Would you like to contribute a suggestion, I believe, will be of great help for
> optimization of time for many designers.
> We have many problems with respect to insert components and their location at any
> entanglement of a library.
> Attached insert what we would greatly facilitate (both Eeschema as the PCB Editor), it's
> already fixed a window with a list of manufacturers, to select appears below the list of
> components, select the component symbol appears and below the component (and if desired,
> below the 3D drawing thereof). The idea is that, when I find my component with the
> mouse, I would select, and ne a process of DRAG, I would enter the symbol of the component.
> I know you must locate a component to associate with the symbol that we are doing the
> "CVPCB", so I would suggest that after the location of the symbol, as could have the
> opportunity to locate the associated component instead of doing it all once at the end
> of the project (it's too much work). It would be very interesting if we could save it in
> a database for the association of the symbol with the component was no longer needed
> (one more optimization work).
> Appendix for details!
> Well, I have helped, that's all!
> Success to you all!
> Marcelo 

Let's move this to the developer's mailing list.

I do not wish to receive personal emails from newbies unless they pertain to origination
of a contract of work for hire.

My company can do KiCad development for fee.

Otherwise, keep it on the list please.

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