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Re: KiCad Developers


On 12/10/2012 08:31 AM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> On 12/10/2012 07:04 AM, Marcelo Conceição Santos wrote:
>> Hello, KiCad developers, congratulations to all, this program is fabulous with regard to
>> paid software!
>> My name is Marcelo, I live in Brazil, working in the manufacture of printed circuit
>> boards (PCBs), and do some electronics projects. I am currently studying the KiCad to be
>> my tool of personal projects.
>> Would you like to contribute a suggestion, I believe, will be of great help for
>> optimization of time for many designers.
>> We have many problems with respect to insert components and their location at any
>> entanglement of a library.
>> Attached insert what we would greatly facilitate (both Eeschema as the PCB Editor), it's
>> already fixed a window with a list of manufacturers, to select appears below the list of
>> components, select the component symbol appears and below the component (and if desired,
>> below the 3D drawing thereof). The idea is that, when I find my component with the
>> mouse, I would select, and ne a process of DRAG, I would enter the symbol of the component.
>> I know you must locate a component to associate with the symbol that we are doing the
>> "CVPCB", so I would suggest that after the location of the symbol, as could have the
>> opportunity to locate the associated component instead of doing it all once at the end
>> of the project (it's too much work). It would be very interesting if we could save it in
>> a database for the association of the symbol with the component was no longer needed
>> (one more optimization work).
>> Appendix for details!
>> Well, I have helped, that's all!
>> Success to you all!
>> Marcelo 

Wayne and I spoke at length on the phone 6 weeks ago about carving out the footprint
library editor/viewer into a DLL/DSO.  Then it could be loaded from eeschema and you could
pick or even design your footprints while the schematic part was fresh in your mind.  If
that assignment was done then and there, and the footprint field of the schematic part was
stuffed at that time, I wonder if cvpcb would even be needed.

Well since I suggested it, I still like the idea of a separate DLL/DSO tool that does:

a) footprint editor and viewing.
b) library management, moving footprints from one lib to another.
c) footprint selection
d) library table editing


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