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Re: Help building on F16


Hi Rick,

El 09/01/13 02:38, Rick Walker escribió:
> I've been trying to build kicad from source on a 64bit Fedora 16
> platform.  I'm trying to use the official wx-widgets rpm files
> that are released with Fedora.
> When I do "cd build; cmake ../" I get:
> ...
> Any hints on where I should put these config strings?    I poked
> around in the wx lib sources grepping for "with-gtkprint" and it
> didn't help me much.

JFTR, I'm a Fedora 17 / 64bit user and I was able to build KiCad with
the default wxWidgets installation without any issues. The package is
named wxGTK-devel and the version is 2.8.12.

the root directory of the source code (in my case, "testing" as I got it
from the bzr branch with that name).

If anything else fails, may I suggest an upgrade to F17? If you were
planning to do it some day but lacked a good reason, here you have an
excuse ;)