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Re: Python scripting cmake build macros.


At this point, my desire to see this through has dropped substantially.
 In the near term, I'll just use Linux when I need to do scripting.  I
will continue to chip away at it but don't expect a solution any time
soon.  If anyone has a better idea, I'm open to suggestion.

> Yeah, somebody could actually pay for it.
> Expertise and time like this is not free,  and this is a case where opensource fails to
> clear this hurdle without funding.
> Notice I did not volunteer, it cannot be free.

If someone wanted to help, you could start with this, then get it committed as part of the
python tree.


CMake is so far superior as build system that there needs to be no discussion about it:


b) built in cross platform scripting language, with file downloads, text processing, etc.

c) built in installer

d) built in packager

Somebody who cares could find out why the guys in the python project did not take David's
Or even make it current, then try again with a bigger hammer called KiCad project.
Threaten to switch to Javascript.

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