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Re: Github public library repository.


24.01.2013 20:57, Jorge Cardona kirjoitti:
> Hi,
> I just want to check if there is any plan to build an "official" place to
> get kicad libraries and more, since right now is kind of messy, there are
> tons of pages with outdated libraries and is hard to search a common
> component as a hirose connector. I used kicad like 4 years ago, and
> installed it this morning again and it seems to be the same problem as 4
> years ago, is not impossible to setup but is certainly a pita.

There has been a great deal of plans as usual ;)
Please review what's been discussed on kicad-devel and
kicad-lib-committers list's. Essentially it boils down to agreeing how
(for unified drawing style) and waiting for nanometer and lib-table support.

I was going to suggest freezing the old library and start from fresh
when lib-table support was merged in, so your timing is pretty perfect.

> I propose to create a KiCAD Team in github, and create several
> repositories, one can be the mirror of the current code from launchpad, and
> other can be a set of libraries, this could be a place like
> http://www.kicadlib.org but more manageable.

Git is nice to use and as Dick already said regarding lib maintainer
position I certainly welcome you. My work is ramping up elsewhere so I
probably will not be able to lead the role successfully. I'm available
to do as much as possible though and some new symbols and footprints are
on their way. They just have to be modified to agreeable KiCad standard...

The rest of the discussion should be moved to kicad-lib-committers to
keep that list in use.

Best regards,