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> Hi Cirilo,

I'm sorry that I forgot to add: 

When I last made an HPGL plot using the Fedora 16 version of Kicad, I
noticed that the HPGL files were simple outlines only.  A long
trace was a combination of rectangles with circles drawn at every
joint and at the ends.  

The plot files did not utilize the HPGL grouping commands to enable
polygon fills.  This made the plots not very readable on my large format
DesignJet plotter.  Many of the vector plotters sold for architectural
and chip plotting use HPGL as their input language, so it would be nice
if Kicad had good quality produce plot output in this format. 

If one wishes to directly draw etch resist on the copper board with a
CNC plotter, it is also important that the polygon fill commands are

kind regards,
Rick Walker