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Module don't snapping anymore to the grid


I think I found an annoying improvement...

In pcbnew, when moving a module (i.e. the M key) the origin is not
snapped anymore to the grid, i.e. the grid only gives the movement
steps, not the absolute position. Was that wanted?

The annoying part is this: I have a board designed in metric, so most of
the stuff is drawn and placed on a 0.5mm grid, in this case. However
terminal blocks are 5,08mm pitch (i.e. imperial sized) and, since they
are modular, they need to be aligned on a 100mil grid.

My workflow before was:
1) Add the new terminal block module (the netlist import does this); it
   is inserted in the 'default' position (usually at the bottom right of
   the board, no idea why is that but doesn't matter); That position is
   on the metric grid;
2) Move the grid origin on the first terminal block (it's the reason
   I designed it for:P) and switch to the imperial grid;
3) Pick the new module with M, it snapped to the imperial grid and
   quickly could be moved in position.

However now the behaviour in step 3 is different:

3) Pick the new module with M, it starts from the old position and moves
   in steps big as the imperial grid; which is mostly not useful (since
   it's not on *either* grid anymore, after moving!)

Workaround: move manually the module to the new grid origin and the move
it. Hardly convenient, I'd say...

What do you think of this situation? Is there a reason for the change or
am I missing something?

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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