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Module editor crash on Windows help.


I can make the module editor crash every time when saving a new module
to a new library with release builds on Windows and was hoping someone
else would please confirm this for me before I file a bug report.  I
want to make sure it's not just me.  The problem does not occur on debug
builds but I get a ominous warning (which I'll post in the bug report if
someone else can duplicate this) in GDB about accessing a variable in
one of the MSVC libraries.  If you have a release build of KiCad please
try the following steps:

1) Open Pcbnew and open the module editor (doesn't matter if launched
   from KiCad or run from command line and with or without a board file
2) Select File->New Module from menu.
3) Type foo (or any other name you wish) when prompted for the module
   reference and click the OK button.
4) Select File->Save Module into a New Library and name the library
   foo (or any other name you wish) and click the save button.

At this point I get a "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error" message box
complaining that "The application has requested the Runtime terminate in
an unusual way.  Please contact the application's support team ( hey
that's me :) ) for more information.".  I am using a debug build of
wxWidgets 2.9.4 and a KiCad build without scripting enabled although it
may not make a difference.  Thanks in advanced for the help.


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