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Re: Python scripting cmake build macros.


>     a) Move the patch to 2.7.4, I will be releasing this as python 2.7.4.

The move of "the work" to 2.7.4 is done.

>     b) Do Windows installers using CPack and NSIS.

About 50% done, but will temporarily distribute as a zip file rather than NSIS installer,
to give more time to get the bitmap correct.
The idea was to make it look nice, and there is some unwanted bitmap scaling happening
still, ruining what is a nice initial *.BMP file.
So a temporary zip file will be offered for awhile.

>     c) Run the python integrity tests.  We can do Win32 testing here, I may need a Win64
>     volunteer to run the tests.  Also anyone have a quick description of what needs to
>     be run
>     there?

Most of these tests are now passing on Win2K:

313 successes
14 failures

Most of the 14 failures are a common theme, which if fixed once will probably fix other
failures, some silliness about a missing dll handle attribute.

This has been some work.  I don't believe anyone has taken a Mingw build of python this far.

I am leaving out the tk windowing interface, since we have plans to provide wxPython on
top of this.

Until you hear otherwise, it is to be called "Python a-mingw-us".

Where a-mingw-us is a close play on "among us", with a silent w.

Graphic for that attached, de-emphasized w.

>     This is still a good handful of hours.  Portions of days, not weeks.
>     Then I might spend some time moving the patch to python 3.4 dev tree, so we can get it
>     committed in bits and pieces.
>     That seems to be where you donate blood, on the dev (a.k.a. 3.4) branch.

This has been too much work not to try and get it merged into wherever they will take it. 
My guess is the move to 3.4 is trivial compared to what I've got into this now.

> Hi Dick,
> I'm glad you're still making good progress. Just should if you need anything tested on
> Win64, that's no problem at all.
> The TODO list on the mingw-org-wsl project is huge and I don't think the guys over there
> are in any real hurry to get it released so I think using MinGW to target msvcr71, 80,
> 90, etc. is some way off.
> Many thanks for all your efforts as always!
> Best Regards, Brian.

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