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GUI tools (wxFormBuilder)


Hi folks,

 When I asked on the user mailing list a few weeks ago about how people use the "VRML Export" option in pcbnew, most respondents said that they don't care about tracks, pads, and silkscreens and only want the board + holes/cutouts and components.  I was thinking about making a patch to provide an option to suppress the export of the unwanted features and I thought this would be easy until I read the "dialog_export_vrml_base.cpp" file and saw all these references to wxFormBuilder and comments that read "do not edit this file".

 Is wxFormBuilder still used and how do I submit patches to the GUI side - for example, do I touch the 'fbp' files, regenerate the formbuilder output files and submit a patch to .fbp as well as the output .h and .cpp files? If formbuilder is no longer used, where do I make changes?

- Cirilo

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