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Re: GUI tools (wxFormBuilder)


Le 25/02/2013 08:01, Cirilo Bernardo a écrit :
Hi folks,

  When I asked on the user mailing list a few weeks ago about how people use the "VRML Export" option in pcbnew, most respondents said that they don't care about tracks, pads, and silkscreens and only want the board + holes/cutouts and components.  I was thinking about making a patch to provide an option to suppress the export of the unwanted features and I thought this would be easy until I read the "dialog_export_vrml_base.cpp" file and saw all these references to wxFormBuilder and comments that read "do not edit this file".

  Is wxFormBuilder still used and how do I submit patches to the GUI side - for example, do I touch the 'fbp' files, regenerate the formbuilder output files and submit a patch to .fbp as well as the output .h and .cpp files? If formbuilder is no longer used, where do I make changes?

- Cirilo

wxFormBuilder is in use (currently version 3.3.4, sometimes called 3.3.04-beta).
All changes in dialog frames should be made using it.
The .fbp file is the "root" file and you should regenerate the corresponding .h and .cpp file. The patch should include the .fbp file (and the corresponding .cpp and .h files)

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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