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Re: [PATCH] Added option in drill file generation to generate PTH and NPTH holes in the same file


On 1/10/2013 3:27 AM, Matthew Lai wrote:
> Hi,
> Attached is a patch that adds an option in the drill generation dialog
> to generate both PTH and NPTH holes in the same file.
> The current setup calls BuildHolesList() twice, once with NPTH only and
> once with PTH only. I changed it to essentially move all holes to PTH if
> the flag is set (so the second invocation will return empty hole set, so
> that the -NPTH.drl file won't be created).
> This is useful because some fabs cannot do NPTH holes, and would only
> accept 1 .drl file.
> Thanks!
> Matthew


Sorry for taking so long to reply but your patch cannot be used as is.
You cannot modify dialog_gendrill_base.(cpp/h) by hand.  These files are
generated by wxFormbuilder which is the accepted method for creating
dialogs in KiCad.  You need to download the latest version of
wxFormbuilder(3.3.4) and modify the dialog (dialog_gendrill_base.fpb),
regenerate dialog_gendrill_base.(cpp/h), and resubmit this patch.
Someone has recently filed a bug report for this issue so your patch is