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[PATCH] If a footprint appears in multiple module libraries, load only the first


Hello everyone,

This is a patch for a minor annoyance that we have with cvpcb.

If multiple modules have a footprint called "SOT23", cvpcb will list
both. However, if you click on the "view selected footprint" button
for the both of them (to check the differences), you will find that
you will be looking at the same footprint twice. The pcbnew program
will also pick the footprint from the first module library that it
finds it in (which is why the library order is important).

This patch does two things: 1) it simply does not add duplicate
footprints in the list, and 2) it adds an extra field in the status
bar of cvpcb that tells you which library the footprint comes from.

Thiadmer Riemersma

Attachment: footprints_in_multiple_modules.patch
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