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Re: Clearance for pad in module editor


Hi Lorenzo,

I believe the clearance used is the one set in the module properties. When
creating a new module, it seems to be set at 0, and so it has been chosen
to display a default of 0.254. However if you set a non-zero clearance in
the module properties, it seems to be used for all pads which have a zero
clearance in their own properties, accessed by editing the pad and going in
the "Local Clearance and Settings" tab. A newly created pad also seems to
have a local clearance of 0, therefore displaying with the setting in the
module properties. I have found this out purely by playing with KiCad. If I
am wrong, please someone correct me.

I am not aware of any other global setting from which the 0.254 could come
though, and what puzzles me now that you mentioned it, is that in the
module properties it still says the clearance is local and that setting to
zero will default to global?


On Tuesday, March 26, 2013, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:

> What kind of clearance is in use for display in the module editor?
> Even if the default classes has clearance 0.2 it seems that pads in the
> editor show clearance 0.254... which isn't set anywhere (I searched in
> the board file to be sure!)
> --
> Lorenzo Marcantonio
> Logos Srl

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