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Re: Solder paste wish list


On 3/27/2013 5:38 PM, Karl Schmidt wrote:
It could take two layers to do this - One layer to mask-out the default
paste and a second layer to put in what you want. But I don't think many
are using it at all so just reversing the function might be a simple
useful fix.

Right now the solder-paste layer adds area's to put solder paste on -
not exactly useful. What is most often needed is a way to reduce the
solder-paste under parts that want to 'float-away'.

Have you tried entering a negative number in either the solder paste clearance or solder paste ratio settings? This should reduce the solder mask as a fixed distance or a percentage of the total area of a pad depending on which setting you use. You can do this globally for every pad by setting these values in the Pads Mask Clearance properties dialog, on a per module basis using the Module Properties dialog, or on a pad by pad basis using the "Local Clearance and Settings" tab in the Pad Properties dialog.

(In my old notes - this layer WAS called solder-paste-mask - which
suggests it was to 'mask' solder-paste - probably what it should do.)

To understand why this is needed - look at pg-12 of


The right way is to use less paste under some areas.  I can't think of a
need to add paste - just a need to mask it out - so it could be done
with one layer - but the layer that is used in the stable release is
applied as an addition, not a mask.

If the solder-paste layer could be subtracted from the solder-paste
gerber that is generated from the pads, it would solve this problem easily.