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Re: Feature bounties or Kickstarter project for KiCad


Great insight Lorenzo, just what to expect from you in addition to
surprising amount of commits :)

I agree on the complexity issue, but maybe some compromise could be
found. I just don't enjoy the DRCless editing at all these days. The
star-connection should happen automatically in the PCB editor when it's
defined in the schematic. I think the three+ track star junction could
be just highlighted up to 5x the track width on each of the tracks.

On 04/06/13 20:44, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:

> And that's for a gas burner to cook pasta :D project has been scrapped
> because too expensive :(((

I can imagine. At least it gets quite dangerous easily. 1m³ of gas has
the blast power of a bagfull of dynamite... I'm waiting for the day when
there is no gas line to every apartment just for cooking/heating/hot water.

Fortunately Finland has been such a poor and cold country that we had to
go for district heating with combined electricity for the large units.
These days even rural areas have stiff enough electrical distribution
network that loads of 10kW are fine and ok. Induction cooking has also
taken away the posh and usability factor of a gas cooker ;)

Naturally I know that the reasoning is quite different in the areas of
warmer weather and higher population density.


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