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project template cloning



a) I fixed bugs related to use of KICAD_PTEMPLATE environment
variable.  Iterminate it with SEP() now if
not set that way, necessary for use of common code in TAB creation. 
Probably never tested before I stumbled onto it.

(I am not allowed to use KiCad, only fix it, or so it seems lately.)

b) Updated kicad.odt to reflect proper spelling of that environment

c) updated header file where doxygen will grab that same spelling,
previously erroneously spelt, also missing P.

d) question why we are copying the *.pro file when one is being
created.  I end up with two *.pro files in the same directory, one
from the template dir and the one being created which has a different

e) question why we are not renaming basename of cloned files to the
basename of new project.

d) and e) are solicitations of your opinion.

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