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Re: CvPcb library filtering


On 4/30/2013 1:35 AM, Michal Jahelka wrote:
> Hello,
> A time ago I put new branch of CvPcb with library filtering. When icon L
> is selected it displays only modules from selected library. Nobody has a
> interest about this, to merge the branch?
> I think that it is useful.
> Michal Jahelka


I thought I responded to this but maybe I just dropped the ball.  Your
idea while commendable will not work because of a known bug in the
footprint library searching behavior.  If you have footprints with the
same name in different libraries, the first one found in the library
search order is the one that gets loaded which may not necessarily be
the one you expect.  Your change will introduce more confusion then
there already is on this issue.  If you do a little searching on the
bug, developers mailing, and user's mailing lists, you will find plenty
of discussion on this issue.  I am currently working on the footprint
library table implementation which will resolve this bug.  Once the
footprint library table is released, your changes will work correctly
and we can revisit them at that time.  Thank you for your interest in
helping to improve KiCad.