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Re: EESchema - multiple tabbed sheets per design, copy/paste between schematic pages


> I just opened up EESchema, and I'm not getting the same behavior you are about menu bars dissapearing, or the stepping aside bit. What build are you running?

I'm running rev. 4117 plus some UI fixes from my repo. It's built using clang on OSX 10.8 as a 64&32 bit application. I use Miguels build script from github plus some additional tweaks. It's a testing build with scripting enabled. You can find my current version of the script on github (http://github.com/fmorgner/KicadOSXBuilder) and the official script by Miguel on github (http://github.com/mangelajo/KicadOSXBuilder).

I'm not sure about the OSX support being experimental, since it seems to me that the only real "issue" at the moment on OSX is the drawing code (at least in EEschema).

I going to try to get some screens toomorrow as I'll be flying home from vacation in the U.S. today which means I'll be arriving at home at about 08:30 AM CEST.

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