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Title block date in pcbnew


I was testing stuff and well... in the kicad_brd file the sheet date is
not saved. I found this pearl in TITLE_BLOCK::Format:

    /* version control users were complaining, see mailing list.
    if( !m_date.IsEmpty() )
        aFormatter->Print( aNestLevel+1, "(date %s)\n",
                            aFormatter->Quotew( m_date ).c_str() );

What is a field useful for if it's not saved? It always come up empty, in this

In many companies the date on a drawing is actually more important than the
drawing version number (in fact ISO/EN 7200:2004 requires the date of issue,
which is legally binding for a number of things). Other dates (approval,
modifications and so on) are optional but the "document date" is mandatory.

I think the best solution would be putting the date as an editable field (with
the title, company and so on): this would eliminate the localization issue and
in the mean time allow a 'significant' date to be set (not necessarily that's
the last modified date, for a number of reasons). Also the vcs users wouldn't
have to complain (I don't see the problem if a date changes in a versioned
file... maybe they don't like it).

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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