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Re: Plot and drill file generation via scripts


On 05/03/2013 04:23 PM, Adam Wolf wrote:
> Hi Dick,
> I appreciate the 1187 commits.  If I didn't, I would have simply
> created another PPA and maintained a testing branch, selling this
> functionality to board houses.
> Can you tell me (privately if need be) how much Wayne and Layne would
> have to pay to have you implement enough of your desired changes so
> something providing this functionality is acceptable and can be
> committed in core?
> Adam Wolf
> Wayne and Layne, LLC

My suggestion is that you direct this request to Miguel.  He has worked hard on the
scripting interface, is knowledgable about passing exceptions from C++ back up into
python, and was on top of the weaknesses in your approach from an early point in time.

I am working on a board now that should be far more valuable than anything I can earn
doing this enhancement, even at my normal rate.

Thanks for pioneering this wonderful concept for us Adam, scripting and KiCad native
support underneath.

Your efforts are likely to have a large impact on the adoption of KiCad over time.  (How
that benefits me is TBD however.  My most important concern is that when I go to use it,
that it actually works, especially code I wrote that was once working.)


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