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Ghosting In EESchema (Need to implement a redraw after move command?)


I'm currently using EESchema build 2013-04-19 BZR 4011 stable; I know other
people can reproduce this issue (perhaps it is fixed in a newer version?)

There seems to be quite a bit of ghosting in EESchema. I assume this can be
fixed by forcing a screen redraw (The same as pressing the F3 button). I
would also do this when moving by a screenful using the keyboard - by
putting the cursor near the edge of the screen, then using the keyboard to
move over, you get a ghosting of the cursor.

I've attached a screenshot to show this.

Currently I'm in the process of getting KiCad built and using Code::Blocks
with my (freshly minted) wxWidgets and Mingw installations, but I'm not up
to speed on...any of it yet, so if someone has anything to say about this
issue or has helpful hints about where these components reside in the
source, I'd love to hear them. Hooray for KiCad!

Thanks everyone!

[image: Inline image 1]

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