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Flash/Pad support


I've previously posted a bug where GerbView export to .brd mishandles smt

Specifically, rectangle aperture flashes get turned into round vias.


After browsing the repos, I think there are a couple solutions.

If pcbnew had direct support for rectangle flash objects outside of modules,
the mapping would be simple.

Alternatively, the exporter could build a zone for each flash.


In general, pcbnew's drawing object set is fairly specific to pcb related
objects which limits expansion.

A good example is how pads are found only within modules and plotting them
uses a flash.

That flash capability is not generally available outside of that use, i.e.
as a gr_flash in the pcb file.


Generic grouping of objects is another common component of graphics

I would like to <ctl> click objects to select several of them, then r-click
and select 'group'.

Then I can move them as a unit - extremely useful.


I hope to have time come September to contribute with code.  For now, I
would just like to dialog about what is good to think about/work on.




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