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pcbnew graphic primitives - filled polygon?


Hello everyone,

A few years ago I wrote a crummy little tool to convert bitmap images into
a pcbnew module, located at http://img2mod.wayneandlayne.com/ , as a way to
add artwork to your PCB design. It simply converted each pixel of the
source image into a square pixel of silkscreen. Messy, but it worked ok.
Unfortunately the files it had been generating are no longer working in the
latest development version of Kicad, so I set about trying to fix it, and
hopefully upgrade it to the new s-expression file format.

Quick question: Does the new module format support filled polygons? I see
in pcbnew/{kicad_plugin,pcb_parser}.cpp that there is support for fp_arc,
fp_circle, cp_curve, fp_line, fp_poly, but it doesn't look like it supports
filling the polygon?

Thanks much,

Matthew Beckler
Wayne and Layne, LLC

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