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Re: libgnomeprint issues are back.


On 6/22/2013 2:20 AM, jp charras wrote:
Le 21/06/2013 23:03, Lorenzo Marcantonio a écrit :
On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 12:23:46PM -0400, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
This way you will at least be able to build KiCad even though you wont
have full printing capability.  Is the printing situation for Linux
using wxWidgets 2.9.4 any better?  Anybody else have any better ideas or
thoughts on this?

I just made some trials with 2.9.4 and 2.9.5 (and cups):
Nothing works either using the wxWidgets internal printing layer
(dcpsg.cpp) or using wxWidgets built with --with-gtkprint option
(--with-gnomeprint does not compile on my Linux install):

--with-gtkprint gives not usable results (missing lines, incorrect arcs
and much more...)

Internal printing layer prints graphic with  a strange offset: 70%
outside the paper area ( new bug which does not exists in 2.8.12) ...

This is less than desirable. I wonder what the Gnome folks are doing because I haven't noticed any issues printing from some of the Gnome apps. Someone want to derive an object from wxPrintout that fixes the GTK printing issues?

I stopped trying printing with wx based apps a loooong time ago. That
my experience with it. OTOH I'm using a 'traditional' printing system
(no CUPS, only lprng and *real* postscript printers, so no rasterizers
in between...)

This is the best way.

If no one minds, I think I'll move the warning from common.h to common.cpp rather than dsiplaying the warning for every source file that includes common.h (which is most of them) which is rather annoying.