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Re: Hotkey for moving zone corner?


On 06/25/13 19:23, Chris Morgan wrote:
> In my case I'm using zones for high current and high-ish ac voltage
> traces so I can provide enough area to disperse heat and reduce
> conductivity. I wasn't sure how else to manage doing this with traces
> but I'm coming from eaglecad.

Same here sans eaglecad. I've been thinking how to make reasonable
heuristics to put zones in place where track makes a loop. The better
way would probably be a cutout routing tool though. I'm looking forward
to see CERN geometry engine merged in and used in some semi-intelligent
autorouting which would help this "polygon routing" as well. Also
helpful for power electronics would be [1].


[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/983230