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Re: Oscad an EDA tool


On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 10:00 AM, Martijn Kuipers

> Just wondering if you (the OSCAD team) made any changes to KiCAD. I went
> to your site, but was unable to find any source code to do a comparison.
> So, my question is: did you do any enhancement/bug-fixing/changed to KiCAD
> code ?
> Were any of "our" main debs aware of OSCAD launching? It seemed to me to
> come out of the blue...
> Kind regards,
> Martijn

I have never heard of this.
Furthermore, no source code, not even a link to the KiCAD sources on the
Looks like somebody made a closed binary installer/distribution and forgot
who is doing most of the work.
I think this is a bad development, not the way to help the project or the
users of KiCAD.
Edwin van den Oetelaar

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