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Re: The KiCad GAL new release


On 07/09/2013 03:08 AM, Maciej Sumiński wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> Thank you for reporting the bug, the fix is already included in the
> repository and your PCB file made the fixing process as easy as it could
> be.
> By the way, as you have already run some tests - would you share some
> thoughts? I am also quite interested in what kind of system (OS & GPU,
> proprietary/open source drivers in case of Linux) you are using, so I
> could know that this type of setup works with GAL.

Right now I can't seem to be able to lay tracks or do anything useful
with the non-default mode. There isn't much I can test unless I lay down
an actual PCB.

I like the new rendering. It's much easier on the eyes, and much more
(gEDA)PCB like, but with full kicad features. OpenGL with shaders is the
fastest rendering mode for me.

I don't like that OpenGL modes do not have antialiasing. I've tried to
force my driver to do antialiasing, but does not work for pcbnew (works
in the #D viewer though). Cairo made has AA, but it's extremely slow,
even with my little board. I'd like to see the rendering quality of
cairo with the performance of OpenGL. That would be awesome.

I'm on Fedora 19 with a 9800GT under the control of the proprietary
nvidia drivers.

Also, I have a little issue with the way zone edges are rendered. If you
look on the leftmost connector, between pins PB4 and PA5. To the left of
those, the ground plane ends, but the way it is rendered gives the
illusion that it shorts with the PA6 track. Does this make sense?

Anyway, pretty awesome job. Oh, and the middle click to drag -- very
intuitive and nice.


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