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Re: The KiCad GAL new release


Hi Camille,

Thanks for the tests and the bug report.

On 07/13/2013 02:04 PM, Camille Delbegue wrote:
I tested GAL with all demo board in the repository and netnames on pads
are visible only with 3 boards. It woks only with:
- flat_hierarchy.kicad_pcb
- interf_u.kicad_pcb
- pic_programmer.kicad_pcb

This seems strange to me - I have just tried out all of board included in the demo folder and everything was fine. Netnames show up, when the zoom is big enough - maybe try zooming even more?

The second issue is about high contrast mode. The netnames are draw
under the highlighted layer (see screenshot of comlex_hierarchy.kicad_pcb).

I have just observed that too, I will fix it soon.

There is also a transparency problem with the OpenGL backend and
netnames, netnames under tracks are not draw (see screenshot).

It is not very clear to me - could you describe the problem with more details? Is it about the case shown on the picture in the attachment? If yes - then it was done on purpose. Netnames are shown directly over tracks, so there are no situations when there is a track, a zone over the track and a netname is shown on the zone. Also, having semitransparent netnames blending into each other makes them hard to read, I think it is better when one is covered by another than when they are mixed up.

Kind regards,

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