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Re: About the new Pl_Editor tool.


Hello! I'm want to help you. After building the last revision I will start testing.

Baranovskiy Konstantin

22.07.2013 22:02, jp charras пишет:
I released the first draft of Pl_Editor, a new tool to create customized title blocks. Some features are still missing (like hot keys and undo/redo commands) but it should be very usable.

The documentation is also released. Please read it.

I need volunteers to test it.
I need mainly GOST users to create a GOST title block (with an English version to test it). I am thinking most of features needed by GOST title blocks are existing, but let me know if something is missing to create GOST title blocks.

I want (in the *very* next future) to remove all GOST conditional compilation in Kicad core code, because currently there are only 2 specific GOST feature: - The first (parts id notation) is now available as config option in Eeschema (with more than only GOST notation). - The second is the GOST title block. The code relative to GOST title block is *very poor* and not maintainable, and not compatible with the title block editor, and the new customizable title block mechanism is by far more powerful. I am thinking GOST title block is just a customized title block, like many other title blocks used in many companies, and therefore does not need a specific code inside Kicad.

Thanks for your help.