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Re: The KiCad GAL new release


Hi Vesa,

On 07/22/2013 07:56 PM, Vesa Solonen wrote:
Thanks for your great work. One thing to consider is rendering the
netname as it gets covered with wire. The example of the issue is
attached and that is reproducible on all new rendering backends.

Thanks for pointing this out. But in this case the "wire" means a silkscreen drawing? As the color of the line suggests it is not a usual copper trace. I was thinking of different solutions for layer organization and I stayed with having a netname layer right over every copper/pad layer. In the case shown on the picture, I could move the netname layer to the top and it would be fine, but it will not work for layers other than top/multilayer pads. In case of PCBs containing a few power planes it would be a bit confusing to have netnames regarding bottom layers on the top, as probably the bottom traces would not be even visible, leaving the netname label popping out of nowhere. Of course, I am still open to new ideas - the most important is the user friendliness of the new interface. Moving the multilayer pads netname layer to the top seems sensible and probably will be introduced in one of the next commits.

Kind regards,