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Python-a-mingw-us final preps


On 07/21/2013 06:46 PM, Brian Sidebotham wrote:
> Hi Dick,
> I've just committed some fixes for the installer, and a fix for ZLIB because the download
> URL is broken since their latest release (They do not keep older files on their server). I
> simply switched it to sourceforge instead.

For a similar project I upgraded to zlib 1.28 without issue.  I might play with that
possibility instead if you don't mind.  But I cannot fault the less risky path you took.

But zlib has been pretty stable in it core support for some time, and I structured the
CMake script so we can roll with the latest of all external libraries quite easily.

> The installer now has separate copies of the cmake NSIS installer templates so they can be
> easily modified to add the extra functionality we require. I've added an extra option to
> set PYTHONHOME on install, and also fixed the PATH setting.

This is very excellent.  Going around the built in CMake NSIS support to extend the NSIS
support is very smart and *ambitious*.  This is sounding like a quality effort.

I wonder if we should look at doing this for KiCad?

It will certainly make a nicer impression having a glitzy installer for a-mingw-us.

> I'm also working on the wxWidgets-cmake project as it's in desperate need of supporting
> MSVC builds. At the moment it's still MinGW only, but it's getting close to having MSVC
> support.

No idea what MSVC is?  (... probably intentional amnesia, but I forgot forgetting.)

> I think next weekend I might be able to have the binaries ready and it looks like a
> KiCad-Winbuilder with scripting support is not long away. There are only minimal changes
> required to our current CMakeLists.txt file in KiCad.

> I do have a problem with Python-a-mingw-us though. The Readline module forces python to
> quit straight away. If I simply rename the readline module so it fails to load,
> python-a-mingw-us appears to work well. I've attached the output from python-a-mingw-us
> with the readline module in place using the -v option.
> When redirecting this output, like:
> python -v > python-a-mingw-us-v.txt 2>&1
> it did not quit straight away - instead I had to quit() properly. But if I run this
> without the output redirection it quits straight away.

Have you had any luck with the thought that it might be un-findable 'terminal data' files
(for Windows).  If so, maybe a windows specific subset put in the right place may appease.

> There is a long pause in the installer, but it executes successfully. I'm unsure what's
> causing the pause at the moment.
> I can roll the new release files for python-a-mingw-us if you add me to the project. My
> "username" should simply be brian.sidebotham@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:brian.sidebotham@xxxxxxxxx>

Done, you are an admin of that project on code.google.com.

I was on vacation last week and half, sorry it took so long.


> Best Regards, Brian.

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