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Re: Online library sharing idea


On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 9:29 PM, Cirilo Bernardo
<cirilo_bernardo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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>> From: Chris Morgan <chmorgan@xxxxxxxxx>
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>> Sent: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 9:40 AM
>> Subject: [Kicad-developers] Online library sharing idea
>> Hello.
>> Sites like http://www.kicadlib.org/ are great for sharing libraries
>> but I was thinking that having integrated online library sharing could
>> better distribute the work while making it easier to share and use
>> parts. A user could add add trusted sources to their remote libraries,
>> contribute new parts, vote on parts etc.
>> Thoughts? It would probably take a bit of effort to spec out and
>> implement things, I was thinking of an indiegogo or kickstarter
>> approach to fund the work.
>> Chris
> I think this topic is more appropriate to the users' list than the developers list.  As for sharing - what exactly are you proposing and how is it an improvement on what's already there?
> - Cirilo


The idea is to support using remote libraries as if they were local
libraries. As I mentioned in my original post, features like voting
and the ability for individuals to more easily contribute new symbols
or footprints would make the approach more scale-able.

I think you are right about a discussion on the users list. When going
from high level goals to more concrete implementation details it
probably couldn't hurt to get feedback from a wider range of kicad
users to see if anything was missed in the implementation plan.