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Re: Online library sharing idea


On 08/09/2013 05:22 PM, schneidersoft wrote:
> Hi Dick,
> this is Santa Claus, and I think I need to have a talk with you. If you 
> want to get rich go to Wall Street, if you simply want to make a living 
> focus on something what you can sell for money. But do me one favor 
> before you ticking off other people which are willing to contribute, 
> stop whining about this open source stuff not compensating your efforts. 
> Maybe you have not been able to raise 100 gran because nobody 
> needs/wants 'sweet'. Thought about that? You sound like a grumpy old 
> man. Even if you want to come across like that do it somewhere else, go 
> down to the sports-bar, moan to your barber but not to the KiCad community.
> Greetings from Santa Claus (and Rudy)
> aka Martin

Martin, I see that you have not contributed anything to our project.

So you have no standing to come in here and decide what will consume my mailing lists'

I am removing you from our work studio.

We have had the conversation about remote libraries, in detail many time.

If and when you can contribute either funding, a spec, or a patch, then you may contact me
for possible re-admission to the mailing list.

This mailing list is for developers of KiCad.  Not for users wanting to hope stuff falls
out of the sky.  Nor for drive by assholes like you.