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Re: Page layout file position


Le 15/08/2013 18:03, Lorenzo Marcantonio a écrit :
Question: is there a reason for having the .kicad_wks specified in the
project and not in the single file (like all the other title block
parameters and the page size).

In fact, I was very hesitating when I added this feature about the best place to store the page layout filename. When the page layout is defined in the project, it is defined for all sheets in the project (you have to define it only once). If it is defined in the template kicad.pro, it is also defined for all new projects (this was important to keep compatibility for GOST users). When it is defined in sheets (in a .sch file), you should have to define the page layout for each file, each time you create a sheet. This is very tedious, but on the other hand, yes, you can define different page layouts inside a schematic project.

For boards, define it in the .pro or the .kicad_pcb file is not very important. If it is defined in the .pro, the .kicad_pcb file format is not modified (no new definition in file).

I think it would be useful (and more logical) to have it in the
sheet/board file because:

- A standalone board file (used as a library master, for example) can't
   specify it (maybe as a workaround it could be set in the template
   project? I'll have to try)

A standalone board file does not include the page layout definition itself.
The .kicad_wks file (+ the .pro file) is needed.
What happens for kicad_pcb files coming with the .mod libraries, if a non existent page layout descr file name is included in these board files?

- You could need different title blocks for different pages (IIRC the
   old GOST code had a special treatment for the first one)

The page layout supports items specific to the first page.
GOST users should be happy.

- You have to specify one for a different page if you need a layout that
   depends on the size; the ISO5457 can't be described as a 'universal'
   kicad_wks for two reason: the grid is actually positioned 'outside'
   the page (I suppose that the implicit margin was left for
   compatibility) so the repeat feature doesn't work and, anyway, it's
   defined with respect to the center of the drawing area (not of the
   sheet), so you can't anchor it to a corner like the default one. In
   short, you need a wks for each page size (it's not difficult to do
   anyway, and it is a one time job). It's not unusual to have a big
   junction page (maybe an A0) and several smaller sheet for the

There is no implicit margin: the margins are defined in the kicad_wks file (the default values are for compatibility).
In the Pl_Editor margins define only the "no draw" zone around the page.
You can set them to 0mm.
In fact, I do not exactly understand what you mean by "the grid is actually positioned 'outside' the page".
If it is drawn, it is inside the page, for me.
You can define a grid at any position inside the paper, if margins are set to 0.

Currently, you cannot define a grid origin to the center of the drawing area, and making for this case a grid independent of the paper size.
(Perhaps an origin could be left, right or middle ?)

But OTOH, I never see a schematic using this king of grid.
Is it actually in use?

Aside from this little issue, it's a great feature to have.


Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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