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Re: Kicad Tool Framework


On 08/10/2013 04:34 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> Tom,
> The other thing about your work is that it is important, very important.
> The push and shove router is something I could have used today.  Whatever confidence I
> used to have in freerouter is gone.  It is not working for me very well on this current
> board, and I am frustrated to no end with it and the lack of support now.
> Hoping for a better solution,
> Dick

Alfons,  if you are reading this mailing list:

I regret having said the above.  I have had a change of heart, and wish to publicly
apologize to you.  You have written one of the greatest software tools that I have ever used.

Rewards are slim when one donates a bunch of valuable time.  The donation is even more
costly when that time is filled by valuable expertise.  And having to bear any kind of
criticism after one does that is simply painful.  Life need not be about that.  So I am
sorry Alfons.

So Alfons, if you are reading this, please know that your work is very appreciated.  I
find much to like in your work, and in particular the last few hours have been one
pleasant surprise after another.  But even without that, I owed you an apology.

So with a new perspective, and humbled by your amazing work, I offer my apologies.