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About the new module name/module file name discussion


A thing happened that gave me insight on the problems of having the file
name equal to the name inside the file (and what happens when these

Real world current usage: truetype/opentype fonts. You name the file
however you want but the internal name wins; the systems scans all the
fonts and build an index. However you can have them both and the system
picks one (which one?) without a warning.

Problem: had helvetica from two different vendors *and* the same
internal name on one machine. Chaos ensued: one of these was converted
to curves and then the file was moved to a machine with only the other
helvetica installed. Curves and text didn't match.

*However* there is only a flat namespace in the font registry; I hope
that the library machinery for footprints would avoid these

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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