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Re: Python-a-mingw-us Windows Debug Scripting Builds


One of those moments! Ahhhhhhhhh!

This problem is now "fixed". It happened to be that the wxWidgets DLLs need
to be in the environment's PATH list for python. Although .pyd's are loaded
from PYTHONPATH and the compiled-in paths, dependencies within the pyd are
searched for on the normal windows PATH variable (At least that's the
behaviour I'm seeing).

pcbnew loads some wxWidget dll's, but doesn't require the stc dll, so this
is never loaded. Hence, python has to search for the wxwidgets stc dll to
load it as it's not already been loaded, which fails. Adding kicad\bin to
the environment PATH solves the problem for me and the scripting console
appears to work.

There's still some confusion about this though. because everything works
well under plain python no matter what the environment PATH is set to - it
never failed, but then it really shouldn't and neither should KiCad because
the standard DLL search path starts with the current working directory. Now
I'm wondering, does KiCad/pcbnew change it's working directory for some

Anyway, the problem is solved for KiCad-Winbuilder. I can get a release
together now.

I used some fprintf's in the end through python's dynload_win.c, but there
wasn't much more information to glean tbh - but at least I could reliably
see the load fail.

Best Regards,


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