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DEFAULT_TEXT_SIZE and hier pins


Funny thing I've found.

We have *both* DEFAULT_TEXT_SIZE and DEFAULT_SIZE_TEXT. A trap for the
unwary coders!

DEFAULT_TEXT_SIZE seems to be used for the initial pin text sizes and
sheet names.

DEFAULT_SIZE_TEXT for... the rest I assume, since it gives the defaults

Also I'm having troubles with 'imported' sheet pins coming up
with the built-in default size (60 mils) and not with the one from the
preferences (a nuisance when importing a ton of pins... hand editing the
schematic file is usually the faster way to fix instead of editing then
one at a time).

The current workaround is manually creating (not importing) a sheet pin
(that sets the variable) and then importing it.

Shouldn't be better either a) taking the size from the user options
instead of that variable (one less global; well, it's only used in
sheetlab, anyway...) or b) updating it even after
an edit (like the pad dimensions in pcbnew) ?

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl