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KiCad-Winbuilder Release 3.0


Hi Guys,

I have rolled a release, V3.0 of KiCad-Winbuilder. I've put this off for a
while to address the scripting issues I was having. Also though, MinGW
updated their released version to 4.8.1 from 4.7.2 - so this release is
rolled with mingw32 4.8.1.

This version obviously enables all the python scripting options. This is
the main feature enhancement. However, I've also added in the the latest
documentation and libraries from the respective repositories. So each build
fetches the latest revision of both and copys them locally so that the
documentation is up-to-date.

NOTE: KiCad-Winbuilder doesn't "install" anything. It keeps everything
inside the sandbox and allows the local, latest version of KiCad to be run

Everything is looking good, so hopefully we'll see some more feedback from
people starting to use the python scripting soon.

Best Regards,


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