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Re: CvPCB - Error


> PS: It isn't Brazilian but Portuguese the language.

You have 5 names.  Is this because you have a lot of brothers and sisters?

Martin got the joke, you apparently did not.

.downloads-by-cmake/boost_1_54_0$ grep -R 'Host not found' .

./src/boost/boost/asio/impl/error.ipp:      return "Host not found (authoritative)";
./src/boost/boost/asio/impl/error.ipp:      return "Host not found (non-authoritative),
try again later";
./src/boost/boost/asio/error.hpp:  /// Host not found (authoritative).
./src/boost/boost/asio/error.hpp:  /// Host not found (non-authoritative).
./src/boost/libs/asio/doc/reference.qbk:    [Host not found (authoritative). ]
./src/boost/libs/asio/doc/reference.qbk:    [Host not found (non-authoritative). ]

boost is not happy with your DNS setup.  And that is because boost is being asked to do a
great many things in a short time by the Github plugin.

Your DNS server cannot handle the GIANT SUCKING SOUND of the plugin when it is asked to
download many libraries at once.

The simplest thing you can try is to put the entry into your /etc/hosts file, so as to
bypass the demand on your DNS server, entirely WRT access at codeload.github.com.

add this line to your /etc/hosts file:  codeload.github.com

The /etc/hosts entry will take your DNS server out of the picture.
Then, if this fixes it, please be the person to answer the needs of the next person who
has this problem.  You will then be the expert.

The Github plugin puts tremendous momentary demands on the networking infrastructure.  And
if it did not, folks would be complaining even more about the slowness.  But recognize
that you probably don't have any other applications on your disk which pulls such a vacuum
on your end of your network connection.

Now, how did I get to this conclusion?

1) You are reporting the 4th entry in the fp-lib-table.for-github, not the first.

2) You said CVPCB which sucks down 78 github libraries in about 14 seconds.

That means we were able to download the first 4 OK, before your DNS server started to fall
over and fell behind in the mind of boost.

Observation..... is key to troubleshooting.

If this is not the problem, then I'd be out of solutions, no more help from me should be

At that point, use the script


and follow the manual part described within.

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