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Re: CvPCB - Error


> Your DNS server cannot handle the GIANT SUCKING SOUND of the plugin when it is asked to
> download many libraries at once.

Of course the networking astute would realize this is intended to mean the "DNS
mechanism", inclusive of all NAT routers and all routers between you and the DNS server.

Merely complaining to your ISP probably won't get you a fix, because the problem could be
in the firewall 3 feet away from you.  Or at the boundary of your company.  Not actually
in the DNS server itself.  Merely trying additional, or other DNS servers may also not get
you a fix, if the problem is in one of the routers between you and any of those DNS servers.

What I am saying is that something in the DNS mechanism is failing to support the large
momentary load.

The /etc/hosts change is the optimal solution attempt for a couple of reasons.  Its easy
and it will enhance performance also.

If it works.