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Footprints: *.cmp and *.net stored footprints are not symetric



I have the following issue:
Assigning new footprints and exporting the netlist does not touch CvPCB. Deleting the component file (*.cmp) fixes the issue. Can please fix it that way, that the components are updated when exporting to CvPCB? (It may be that CvPCB only reads the *.cmp stuff - didn't not checked that issue) but in my eye it should prefer the newer file (date).

Also importing to PCBNEW has a issue: Importing from the component file works, but using the netlist still uses the old components, others then assigned in CvPCB. The issue is that CvPCB does only update the components, not the netlist file. (Checked with editor). It would be great if both files are updated.

Please give me feedback, when this issue is fixed.

KiCAD version: kicad-common 0.201407050931+4974~14~ubuntu14.04.1