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Re: Module editor branch merged


On 07/16/2014 10:11 AM, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:
On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 10:08:17AM +0200, Nick Østergaard wrote:
Sure, the DRC should handle it, but refresh my memory -- as far as I
remember there was some talk about including tracks in footprints. I
don't remember the outcome of that or it it is allow or not.

AFAIK tracks in footprints are already allowed (it gives a fat warning
however), since they are used by the microwave tools. No idea if they
are properly collated for DRC.

Are not they added as DRAWSEGMENTs on copper layers? I am willing to bet that it is not handled by DRC.

Could be a problem similar to the famous 'no PCB edges in modules'

In GAL editor you can have PCB edges in modules. There was not much code to be added to handle this, unless I have forgotten about something. If you are interested in details, have a look at commit 4987.1.84.


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