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Stable Builds


(please correct me if I am communicating in a method that is not efficient.
 This is my first message to the mailing list)

I've gotten to truly enjoy KiCad.  What a great piece of software.

I am interested in donating money to CERN if the priority is on releasing
stable builds.  Before I do this, I'd like to understand:
1. what are your priorities regarding features (I see stability as a
feature - so my priority would be dev and test members are focused on
releasing a stable build.  This may not be the case for CERN.  So I'd like
to gain your perspective).
2. who is accountable for selecting and meeting a build schedule for the
stability feature?  For example, if I donate what expectation should I have
regarding time frame for stable release and who on the dev side feels awful
when the stable release is not realized and will work extra hard to make it

thank you.

Kind regards,
blog: http://bitknitting.wordpress.com

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