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Re: kicad-pcb.org


On 30 August 2014 23:13, Cirilo Bernardo <cirilo_bernardo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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>> From: Brian Sidebotham <brian.sidebotham@xxxxxxxxx>
>> To: Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Cc: KiCad Developers <kicad-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Sent: Saturday, August 30, 2014 9:19 PM
>> Subject: Re: [Kicad-developers] kicad-pcb.org
>> Looks like it just fell over, however I updated
>> http://www.kicad-pcb.org/display/KICAD/About+KiCad last night with the
>> information in AUTHORS.txt
>> There's some more to do, but at least the majority of it is up there.
>> I'd like to do some info on the individual programs under About KiCad.
>> I believe Miguel is the guy to speak to.
>> Best Regards,
>> Brian.
>> On 30 August 2014 01:09, Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>  Now that I am the project leader, it would be useful for me to know who
>>>  the kicad-pcb.org site maintainer is and who has write access so I can
>>>  enlist (read arm twisting ;)) help getting changes made and keeping
>>>  things up to date.
>>>  Thanks,
>>>  Wayne
> Is there anyone on the list with web page skills?
> The 'about kicad' page needs some work so it's a more professional read.
> Not much is said of SoftPLC for example (from what's there I have no idea
> who they are) and the wording is awkward.

This is what I wrote about SoftPLC's involvement in KiCad essentially
as a placeholder; It's up to Dick what goes in this section and I
contacted him directly to read and send me any amendments he would
like to make. So we don't need anyone else, because Dick is the one
who can complete this section the best.

Jean-Pierre has cleared up and amended his sponsor section for me.

> It would also be good to get permission to use logos from the corporate
> supporters to put up on the 'about' page as well as the main page; we have
> to be careful about the use of logos and make sure we have appropriate
> permission to use them where we do. Perhaps the logo negotiations can
> extend to use in the preface of the documentation as well.
> Other companies may be more comfortable with testing KiCad for their use
> if they know that other companies use it successfully and contribute to
> its development.

It sounds like Wayne is keen to do a more complete page on Corporate
sponsor page on the site.

In my opinion logos should be left out - they are only something that
will bit rot as companies change their logos; It's easier to just link
to the corporate website and then there's nothing we need to maintain.

Best Regards,


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