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Re: version info does not get updated


On 31 August 2014 22:52, Andrew Zonenberg <azonenberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What I did in my previous build systems is to regenerate the file in a
> temporary directory then check if the files had the same hash. If they
> didn't I'd update the file.
> This way, if you don't change the file's contents it doesn't get touched
> and nothign else gets rebuilt.

Yeah, everything's possible, but when you're doing local commits
you're still going to get needless compilation and relinking because
the bzr rev number has changed. Generally the bzr revno is a bit of a
pain for developers if you commit often but useful for everyone else.

I guess someone could improve the situation if they had the time, but
re-compilation and re-linking everytime would be a bit of a step

Best Regards,


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