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OSX: opening PCBNew standalone


Hi folks,

On a current Mac build, are we supposed to be able to open PCBNew.app on
its own?

When I do, I get the following error:
The error is: 06:53:16: dlopen(/Volumes/Contents/PlugIns/_pcbnew.kiface,
10): image not found
06:53:16: IO_ERROR: Fatal Installation Bug
missing file:

/Users/jenkins/remoteroot/workspace/KiCadMacBuild/kicad/common/kiway.cpp :
KiFACE() : line 219

However, I can open it fine through Kicad.app.  I know these standalone app
things are relatively new for Kiface OSX builds, so I'm mostly wondering if
they're supposed to work yet.


Adam Wolf
Cofounder and Engineer
Wayne and Layne, LLC

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