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Re: Assembly Variant Management Feature


In response to a message written on 02.03.2015, 23:10, from Murat Ursavaş:

I'm new to KiCad development and have some ideas to include into the package.
The most important one is "Assembly Variant Management", which is missing,
AFAIK. Am I right?

Is there anybody working on this subject? I've not seen any entry in the mailing
list archive.
KiCAD, as Open Source project, usually has traditional property - if you need
some feature, make it by you own… ;)
However now it's pretty easy - pcbnew has python interface. I think that growing
KiCAD sources is not so good idea. Plugins should goes to any other repository
in example on Github. Independently any user can publish self-made script on
similar site. KiCAD can bring only one thing - site with links of tested and
found usable python co-applications, maybe sub-domain:
http://pyapps.kicad-pcb.org/ ?

Best Regards,

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